Brook Kindle ~ MENTAL HEALTH - Card #1

Your sitting in your car hoping that counseling will help, so you call to get an appointment. However, when you call the number you found online, it takes you through a long, complicated phone message. It tells you to press “3” to schedule an appointment.

When you press “3” you are sent to someone that asks if you are a current patient. You tell him you are not, and he tells you that you have to go through the message again and press the number that directs you to intake. You call the line again and go through the message. It tells you to press “6” for intake. This time it connects you to a woman that asks you all about your insurance information. It feels a bit like an interrogation because she just keeps asking question after question.

She says you will have to come in to fill out some paperwork, but once that was done you could probably get in for your first session in 6-12 weeks. You ask if you can get in sooner and she tells you there is nothing available before then. You hang up, feeling discouraged. You close your eyes, crying. Just then your phone starts ringing. You look and see it’s Claire. You haven’t talked to her in a while and know she’s probably worried, so you answer your phone.

What's next?

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