Brook Kindle ~ MENTAL HEALTH - Card #2

You had no idea you could call the counseling crisis line. You didn’t even know it existed. Nina dials the number, gives you the phone, and as she’s leaving the room tells you, “I will be just around the corner at my desk if you need me.”

It feels good to have a counselor talk you through some of your negative thoughts. He asks you if you have ever contemplated hurting yourself. You think to yourself, ’Suicide?! Seriously? I would never hurt myself!’ You tell him that is not something you would ever do.

You talk with him for a while longer and he makes an appointment to follow up in person next week.

Nina makes sure you have some phone numbers in case you need to talk before your next appointment. You plan to meet with her again right after your meeting with the counselor next week.

You feel more hopeful, but you are still so tired. You want to go home and try to rest.

What's next?

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