Becca Webster ~ POLICE - Card #1

When the police arrive, you try to tell the officer what happened, but then you realize you don’t even know what happened. The officer rolls her eyes and asks how much you had to drink the night before. When you tell her you only had two drinks she laughs and says, “Yeah, and I was born yesterday.”

Sasha tries to defend you and says, “Becca doesn’t ever drink that much”. The officer says, “Well there’s a first time for everything.” Sasha got a call from work and had to leave. The officer continues to ask question after question, and you start feeling really stupid when she chuckles and asks, “How do you know you didn’t want to have sex if you can’t remember?” You are so confused; you don’t say anything. She rolls her eyes and says, “That’s what I thought”. You are standing there in shock, not sure what’s what and getting so embarrassed, you just want her to leave. She tells you to keep better track of how much you drink or don't drink at all then leaves.

You just want to go home but you don’t have your car. You are tired and sore and don’t want to walk, so you call a taxi.

What's next?

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