Becca Webster ~ POLICE - Card #3

The police arrive, and it’s the same officer that went to the hospital with you. He gets all your statements. He tells you he is concerned that Chad may come back and asks you if you feel safe to stay there tonight. You tell the officer, “I don’t understand why he is doing this. What did I do to him?” You tell him you don’t think he would hurt you, he was always nice to you, not that you were friends.

You tell the officer you will be ok. Tyler assures the officer that Chad will not be able to get to his sister. He tells your brother not to do anything stupid and to call 911 again if Chad shows back up. Then he suggests going to the advocacy center and get help filing a restraining order.

After a while you go back to bed and try to sleep. You drift off but you are having weird dreams that keep waking you up and you get upset and confused. Tyler is sleeping on an air mattress next to your bed and helps you calm down each time you wake up.

You get out of bed exhausted in the morning. You can’t concentrate. You are jumpy and don’t understand why. You think to yourself, ‘It’s not like he jumped out of a bush and attacked you, you need to stop.’ You don’t know what to do. You decide to call the advocacy center.

What's next?

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