Tiana Cleary ~ POLICE - Card #1

You tell Molly you want to call the police, but that you want to do it alone.  She leaves you with a card and tells you to call anytime and someone will be happy to help you.

An officer ends up being sent to talk to you at the hospital.  You are relieved you don’t have to go down to the station.

He seems friendly enough, but you remember how much trouble Joe can get in if you turn him in.  You tell the officer that you and your boyfriend have been arguing and wanted to know if throwing a backpack out the window was illegal.  He tries hard to get more information from you and tells you that he thinks something else is going on, but you don’t tell him any more information.  He lets you know that he will have to talk to the doctor and write up a report.  You refuse to give him Joe’s name and tell him you were just overreacting to the backpack incident.  He doesn’t ask you anymore questions and tells you he will call you if he has any more questions.

You are being released from the hospital soon and need to decide where you will go.  Your mom, who was really worried when you called is now back to being cold and distant.  You think Joe might be sorry and help you rest.

What’s next?

If you want to talk to Travis in person, go to:


If you want to break up by phone, go to:


Joe’s thoughts: Why won’t she listen?  I am doing everything to make sure her and the baby are taken care of and she still doesn’t care.  She should be thankful I let her live with me for free. All I ask is that she considers my point of view, that’s all.