Danielle Lutton ~ SUPPORT GROUP - Card #1

You’re a little embarrassed to admit it, but you thought all the women would be poor and disheveled, with black eyes and missing teeth. But the women look a lot like you. There’s a teacher, receptionist, doctor and stay at home moms.

During the sharing time, you say that all the abuse you suffered is nothing compared to the pain you feel for your daughter. You cry, while two other moms tell you that their children have been molested as well. It helps to know you’re not alone.

Later that night, a police officer arrives at your door. He asks you if you’re Danielle Lutton. You say, “Yes”. He tells you that he has a warrant for your arrest. He explains that John has gotten a special court order stating you kidnapped Christina and fled the state. You demand to talk with a lawyer. The officer tells you can call a lawyer from jail.

What's next?

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