Hannah Brown ~ WILD CARD - Card #4

You tell Travis you need to talk and take him to your locker.  You start to tell him that you think you two need to stop seeing each other for good and he becomes enraged again.

“You are so ungrateful!  I have done so much to make this work and you keep throwing it all away!”

He is getting angrier and angrier, so you decide it is best to just get away.  As you try to slip away, Travis shoves you up against the locker.  It is so forceful that you hit your head and the corner of an open locker puts a gash in your head.  Travis sees what happened and runs away.

Just then a teacher you don’t know comes out of her classroom and sees you bleeding.  She takes you to the office. Your Aunt Joni picks you up and takes you to the hospital.

What’s next?

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Travis’s thoughts: What have I done?  She just won’t listen to me.