Natasha Washington ~ WILD CARD - Card #2

You go to get your hair done and the make-up you’ve used to cover your bruises comes off when the hairdresser washes your hair. “That looks painful. What happened?” she asks. You don’t say anything. “You know, I used to live with someone who beat me up, and I know how hard it is to talk about it.”

You decide t tell her a little about what’s been going on. She takes extra time styling your hair and tells you about some different people she got help from when she was getting out of her relationship. “Believe me, I know it’s not easy, “she brings you into the back of the shop and offers you the phone. “You’re safe to make you phone calls here.” She says.

What's next?

If you want to call the local domestic violence agency, go to:

ADVOCATE - Card #1

If you want to talk with your minister, Robert Livingston, go to:

CLERGY - Card #1