Tiana Cleary ~ WILD CARD - Card #1

Joe is grinning from ear to ear, “You mean we did it again?  This is GREAT news!  We can finally be a real family!”

You are relieved to see how happy he is.  He starts telling you all about his plans to take care of you and the baby and starts planning for you to move in.  You are a little worried about the future, but you try to be optimistic about the future.

You call your mom and tell her you are going to move in with Joe, at least for now, because you plan to raise your baby with him.  She tells you that if you are going to keep the baby, Joe should have to pay for it and doesn’t argue with you leaving.

For the next two months things go pretty well.  Joe holds your hair when you are hit with morning sickness, he takes you to all your doctor’s appointments, but he waits in the car.  You know, because he is 25 and someone might ask questions about that.  Other than that, things are great!

What's next?

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Joe’s thoughts: Now she will never leave me.  With her moving in, I can make sure our family stays together forever.  Once she drops out of school, we can really get this family going in the right direction.