Ashley ~ Cell Phone - Card #2

You go into your room to call Jimmy and see that he’s texted you:

7:46 pm Look under your pillow

You look around the room, half expecting to see Jimmy walk out of your closet.  Your pillow looks strangely large.  What could Jimmy have done?  You feel a little scared.

You fish a box out of your pillow case.  Inside there’s a note: “You’re so beautiful.  Now I can see you even when we’re not together.”
It’s a webcam.

Your phone rings and it’s Jimmy.  You’re not sure you want to answer, but then you have this weird feeling like maybe he would know that you were standing there not answering the phone on purpose.

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If you shake off the crazy feeling and get some sleep for tomorrow’s math test, go toSCHOOL - Card #3