Ashley ~ Cell Phone - Card #1

You are about to call Jimmy when you see that he texted you…like 50 times at least!

Things like:

4:32 pm Miss u, sweets!

4:38 pm Where u @?

4:45 pm Who are you with?

4:52 pm ???

5:43 pm ASH!

6:01 pm CALL ME!!

You call him and you flirt on the phone, talking about nothing and everything at the same time…for two hours! He says he’s desperate to see you and tells you to sneak out of the house later…it’s a full moon and you could go for a walk together.  He wants to wrap his arms around you and tell you you’re beautiful.  He makes you feel like you’re the most amazing girl in the world…

If you sneak out to see him, go to: TOGETHER - Card #2

If you tell him you can’t, you need to finish your homework, go to: SCHOOL - Card #1