Derek ~ Cell Phone - Card #2

“Where the hell, Derek? You’re never there for me.  I am so sick of you not paying attention to me.  It’s like you can’t be bothered to hang out with your own girlfriend.  You suck.  Bye.”

She hangs up.

You are left with the phone in your hand, wondering what just happened when the phone rings again.

Charlene is on the other end speaking in a sweet voice like nothing happened.  “Hey Derek, can you tell me how to get to Will’s house?  I’m lost.”

“What?  Why are you going over there?”

“What do you care? I figure since you don’t want me, maybe Will is the next best thing.”

You’re stunned and don’t know what to say.  You think maybe this is for the best and you can move on.  But you feel weird and unsure if this is really it.

This part of Derek’s story ends here.

Consider these questions:

Why is it so hard for Derek to figure out what to do about Charlene?

How does race impact Derek and his relationship with Charlene?