Elena ~ Cell Phone - Card #1

You cry in your room for hours. Finally, you get up and make dinner, help your brother with his homework, and clean the house. Right before bed you check your cell phone. More than 100 texts from Ian, like:

4:46 pm Where u @?

4:48 pm Babe?

4:52 pm U still mad?

5:04 pm Hungry? I’ll come scoop u in a few…

5:46 pm Movie?

6:15 pm Hey don’t be so serious.

6:43 pm Call me for Christ’s sake.

7:12 pm OK. Sorry. We cool?

10:27 pm Ur killin me… at least respond!!!! Let me know ur OK!!!!

If you tell text him back, go to: CELL PHONE - Card #2

If you want to ignore his messages, go to: SCHOOL - Card #2

Ian’s Thoughts
Wow, Elaine is more upset than I thought she’d be. Actually I feel kind of bad, but I really wasn’t thinking about her when I sent that pic out. But it did get Kelsey’s attention so I guess it was worth it. Anyway, Elaine will get over it. I’ll get her back on track.