Ashley ~ Family - Card #1

You’re making a salad when you tell your mom, “I met someone.”

“Really? Do we know him?”

“No…but he’s really nice.  You’d like him a lot.” You start telling her about Jimmy and she’s really listening to you for the first time in a while.

“I’m so happy for you, Ash.  He sounds great.”

Your mom sounds a little sad when she says that.  “What’s wrong, Mom?”

“Oh nothing, honey.  It’s just, well, you know.  I remember when I was that excited…”

“You mean about Dad?”

“Yeah. I know we just seem like old fogies to you girls, but your dad and I had something really special back then.  He used to pick me up from work and take me dancing.”

You can’t imagine their relationship being different.  It seems like Dad has always been mean to her.

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