Ashley ~ Family - Card #3

Even though Aunt Clara lives in the city an hour and a half away, she offers to come and meet you that afternoon.  She takes you to a diner two towns over.

“You know, you don’t have to keep it,” Aunt Clara says.  “I had an abortion when I was 21.”

You sigh. Maybe this is why your dad calls Aunt Clara a sinner.  But you think it’s more because she moved to the city by herself and doesn’t seem to care what other people say about her.

But Aunt Clara is really good at listening.  You wish you would have talked with her earlier, before you got caught up in this mess.

You go through the next few weeks in a daze.  You finally decide that you can’t keep this a secret too much longer.

You’re not ready to tell your parents, but you feel like you have to tell Jimmy. Go to: TOGETHER - Card #3