Cara ~ Family - Card #6

You try not to think about Brian, the threats, and the upcoming hearing.  You spend more time at home, and when you do go out, you drive your mom’s car and make sure your cell phone is charged.

You begin to get excited about college again.

Then, on Thursday morning at 5:30 you feel a hand on your cheek.  A dream?  Brian is there and he kisses you on the lips.  “Goodbye, Cara-Bear.”

You feel the cold gun against your temple.  You scream!

He pulls the trigger.  You die instantly.

Cara’s story ends here. 


Consider these questions:
Is there anything anyone could have done to stop Brian?
At one point in the story, Cara says that Brian is not a “psycho stalker.” How do we know when someone has crossed the line into stalking or other scary behavior?
What might have helped Cara? Brian?

Brian’s Thoughts
Dear God, give me the strength to be a man. Cara, I love you will all that I am. One bullet for you, one for me. Together Forever.