Derek ~ Family - Card #1

At dinner, Gran asks you when you’ll get your next paycheck.  “Car needs some work, and at this time of the month, every little bit helps.”

“I get paid next week, Gran.  I can try to pick up some extra shifts, too.”

“Don’t do that, Derek. You need time for your studies.  Next week is just fine.”

You sit and eat in silence for a few minutes.  Then Gran asks, “How’s that girlfriend of yours?”


“You being a gentleman, Derek?” It’s the question Gran always asks.  You have no idea what it means, but you always answer, “Yes, ma’am,” and that seems to satisfy her.

If you want to do your homework after dinner, go to: SCHOOL - Card #3

If you want to call Charlene, go to: CELL PHONE - Card #1