Derek ~ Family - Card #2

You’re feeling pretty shaken up.  You hate it when Charlene gets mad at you, but you always seem to screw up without even realizing it.  Your phone rings.

“You hate me!” Charlene says, crying.

“Of course I don’t, Char. Please don’t cry.  What’s wrong?”

“You hate me.  I know you do…but other guys don’t hate me.  Should I call one of them up and see if he can make me feel better?”

“Please don’t be crazy, Charlene.  I don’t hate you, it’s just – “

“So then let me come over.

If you decide to let Charlene come over, go to: TOGETHER - Card #2

If you decide to get some sleep before your 6am lifeguarding shift, go to: WORK - Card #1