Sam ~ Hanging Out - Card #1

You don’t want to upset Roxanna so you stay until the end of the show, but Roxanna doesn’t introduce you to anyone you don’t already know. Even so, it’s cool to sit and drink beers with Linda and Danielle.

“Linda, I had no idea!” you tell her. “You’re like the best singer I ever met?”

Linda laughs. “You’re so cute”

Roxanna gives you a strange look.

You look at your cell: 10:15.

“I gotta go,” you say. “My parents are gonna kill me.”

“I’ll walk you out,” Roxanna says and steers you toward the door.

In the night air you reach in to give her a hug.

“What were you doing in there? Throwing yourself a Linda’s feet?”

“But I didn’t mean—”

“Yeah, right.”

Roxanna turns and goes back into the club. You’re confused about what just happened and head home deflated

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Roxanna’s Thoughts
Linda was eating Sam up with her eyes. The last thing I need is for Sam to start worshiping Linda. I don’t trust Linda—or Sam—that much.