Sam ~ Hanging Out - Card #3

You can’t believe it has come to this, that you are out on your own. You spend the first night in Denny’s, drinking coffee and doing crossword puzzles. By the time the second night rolls around, you ache for a bed. You call a crisis line number that you scribbled down in the library bathroom, and a lady with a nice voice asks you a million and one questions, including how old you are. You think she might call your parents if she knows you’re so young, so you lie and say that you are 18. Finally she tells you about a shelter you can go to, if there’s space. She puts you on hold for a long time.

“Yes, there’s a bed for you.”

A shelter?

“I don’t know…”

“You don’t have to stay ther long. It’s just a place to stay until you figure out what you want to do next.”

“Well, that sounds alright,” you say, even though you have your doubts.

If you want to go to the shelter, go to: SOCIAL SERVICES - Card #1

If you want to go to Roxanna’s, go to: TOGETHER - Card #5