Ashley ~ Home - Card #1

When you get home, you don’t feel nauseous anymore, just exhausted.  You crawl into bed and begin to drift into sleep.  Then your cell rings.  It’s Jimmy.

“Did you get the gift I left for you?” He sounds excited, like a little boy.

You look at the webcam box on your desk.

“Yeah… how did you get into my house?”

“Love has its ways. Now, even when we’re not together, I can see you.”

You being to feel queasy again.

“If you point the camera toward your bed, I can see you when you sleep.”

“But Jimmy, that feels a little…weird.”

He laughs, “But you’re my baby. I need to see my baby to be able to sleep at night.  I know you’ll do this for me, right baby?”

“What if my parents find it?”

“You can take it down in the mornings.”

“I don’t know…”

“Just try it tonight, honey…please? For me?”

The next morning you’re feeling fine, just a little tired.  But when you walk past the school cafeteria, the smell makes you feel like you’re going to puke again.  You tell your homeroom teacher that you’re not feeling well and he writes you a pass to go to the school nurse.

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