Kyoko ~ Home - Card #1

You’re working on some new sketches in the den. The doorbell rings.
You hear your mother and George chatting in Japanese. Shoot, what is he doing here?

“Kyoko, George brought some red bean cakes. Come and join us.”

“Mom, I’m working.”

“You’re just drawing, Kyo-chan. Don’t be rude’”

You reluctantly go into the living room and sit across from George while your mother is making tea for the three of you.

“I miss you, Kyo-chan…”

You smile weakly.

“Come out for a walk with me tonight. Just as friends.”

“I’m working on some sketches, I don’t have time.”

“C'mon, pleeease? For old times’ sake.”

If you go for a walk with George, go to: TOGETHER - Card #1

If you want to stay home, go to: HOME - Card #2

George’s Thoughts
It feels good being back in the Watanabes’ house. It feels like home. I can see Kyoko’s mom wants us to get back together…