Kyoko ~ Home - Card #4

Your mom knocks on your door. “Kyo-chan, George told me… some ugly things… I’m sure that they are not true, but…”

George has embellished, lied, and made the whole situation sound deviant and gross. You tell your mother that those things aren’t true.

“Oh, I knew it! I’m so relieved, Kyoko.”

“But… it is true that Meera and I… we’re more than just friends.”


You both start crying. “Mom, she is so good to me. George… he didn’t treat me right… he… hurt me. He scares me.”
“But this is not right, this… thing… with you and that girl.”

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George’s Thoughts
Kyoko isn’t listening to me right now. But maybe her parents can talk some sense into her. Why is she jerking me around like this?