Sam ~ Home - Card #4

You sneak in the back door and go upstairs to your room. A few minutes later, your mother comes in. “Where have you been? Why haven’t you answered any of my calls?”

“Oh, Mom, I’s so sorry… I’m fine.”

“Look, you can’t do that to me again. My heart’s not strong enough for it.”

After a few minutes she asks you what’s going on. You tell her a little about your relationship—that it’s with a girl, and the sometimes she gets angry.

“Honey, you’re so young. She sounds like bad news. And not just because it’s a… homosexual… thing. I want you to promise me something. Promise me you won’t see her anymore.”

“I can’t—”

“Honey, I know it’s hard, but it’s for your own good.”

“I can’t do that.”

“So you refuse? You plan on seeing her again?”

You bite your lip and are unsure of what to do. You are so confused.

Think, Samantha, think. Can you really break it off with Roxanna? Would Roxanna let you go? And your new friends—would they all go away too?

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