Sam ~ Home - Card #2

“I’ve gotta get home,” you say.

“Sweetie, I did something I probably shouldn’t have,” Roxanna says. “I was really drunk, and I sent this to everyone in your cell phone.”

You see a picture of you lying by the toilet with vomit in your hair. The text reads, “Lesbian can’t hold her liquor. LOL!”

“This is… a joke?” you whisper. You are freaking out inside. “I’ve got to get out of here.”

“No, baby, you can't go… let’s talk about it…”

You grab your shoes and start to leave.

Roxanna blocks the doorway to her room and slaps you across the face. Your cheek stings, but more than that, you’re just completely stunned. She hit you.

“I just screw up sometimes,” she explains. “It’s like I can’t control myself. I’m really sorry.”

You mumble something about needing some time to think.

“Look, we both got drunk last night and made some mistakes. Let’s put it behind us.”

Roxanna sits on the floor with her back against her closed door. You feel trapped.

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Roxanna’s Thoughts
I can’t let her leave yet. I have to make her forgive me. It’s just that she means the world to me and it blows my mind so much that sometimes I screw up.
She can’t hold it against me—I was so wasted. And I told her about it before I even had to. Why can't she see how sorry I am? We’ve got to work this out right now.