Sam ~ Home - Card #3

You think about calling your mom at work to let her know you’re OK, but you just can’t deal. You get home and no one is there. You climb into bed and fall asleep.

“Get out of that bed!” Your father shakes you by the shoulders.

The light is on, it’s dark out, and you feel like hell.

“You didn’t answer any of our calls!” your mother says. “That’s just not like you. We were so worried—”

Your father interrupts her. “I’m so disgusted with you. That photograph—”

“I didn’t send that. I’m so sorry”

“And what it said. I’m just disgusted, Samantha.”

“I'm sorry.”

Your father starts yelling at you for real now. You can’t concentrate, but then you hear, “I will not have a queer under my roof!”

“Mike, calm down. She said it was a mistake. She isn’t having any sort of homosexual relations. Right, Samantha?”

You lock eyes with your mother.

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