Ashley Marie Carlson - Story Card

I’m Ashley and I live with my parents and my sisters.  I am the oldest.  Next time I blow out my candles, I will be 17.  We live in the country.  My dad’s a mechanic and can fix anything.  My mom does hair at a salon in town.

After I graduate, I want to be a flight attendant and travel, travel, travel!! Flight attendants get to help people feel comfortable.  I’m good at that.  In my room I have posters of the Eiffel Tower and Buckingham Palace.

I’ve gone out with a few boys, like to the movies and stuff.  But nothing more.  Like Pastor Thomas says, “A woman’s body is a flower that only blooms in holy matrimony.”  Then I met Jimmy… He’s totally cute and smart.  I know we’ve only been together for one month and he is 20, but I’m pretty sure he is “the one”.  OMG don’t get me started!!!  I could talk about him all day!!

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