Elena Ortiz - Story Card

Hi, I’m Elena. My full name is Maria Elena Consuela Jimenez Ortiz. My mom and my little brother call me Lentes, because my glasses and because I read all the time. Ian calls me Elaine. I’m 16 and starting my third year in high school. I have to take the SAT this year and I’m nervous because I still have problems with my English sometimes even though I’ve been in the United States for four years. But I study hard and take a lot of the practice tests. I want to be a human rights lawyer, because of what happened…

My father was a union organizer in Colombia and that is very dangerous work. Even when the death threats started coming, he didn’t want to leave. We filed our application and waited. But it was too late. They shot him. They killed mi papi. Our paperwork went through very quickly then.

I met Ian in high school, my second year. He was my English Tutor. He speaks so beautifully and is so smart

Ian McMullen's Story

Ian McMullen here. Staring my junior year of high school. That means less than two years and I’m outta here. I’m looking seriously a Berkeley and UCLA. Central’s my safety and Stanford's my reach. And, no, I’m not going to do ROTC like my dad and my brothers. So I’ll need to get some scholarship money. That should be cake. I don’t really study and I still get straight As.

Kelsey broke up with me last year. After that we’d hook up from time to time, but I couldn’t handle it. “I just want to have sex with you and you’re saying no?” she said to me. “That’s every guy’s wet dream.” I stopped talking to her and then she told everyone I was gay.

Things with Elaine are easier. She worships the ground I walk on and she doesn’t jerk me around like Kelsey did. But she looks like an owl with those big glasses. If she just got contacts and maybe dyed her hair, she’d look way better. Al least she’s got a decent body. I just need some time to cool down and leave all the drama behind.

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