Kyoko Watanabe - Story Card

I’m Kyoko and I just turned 19 last month. I’m a painter and I’m trying to get my first show in a gallery. I also work as a receptionist in my father’s dentist office. I live at home with my folks—it’s chill, even if they don’t get why I’m not in college. My mom still makes me udon and genmaicha when I stay up late painting. I have a brother, Ken. We’re really close but we don’t see each other much—he’s really busy with medical school. But I know he’s always there for me.

I’ve thought about telling my parents about Meera, but I’m not sure how they’d react. I know they think she’s great influence because she’s in college and she’s pre-med, but if they knew we were more than just friends…

It’ been almost a year since George and I broke up. The first couple of months were hard– he kept hounding me and getting his parents to talk to my parents (they’ve been friends forever). But then his unit got shipped out. That was kind of a relief. He’s a medic for the army, the only Asian in his unit. He’s seen everything. I feel bad for him, but I DON”T want to get back together

George Sanefuji’s Story

The three years that Kyoko and I were together were so special. When she finished high school I thought we’d get married, but instead she said she wanted to be “on her own.” What does that even mean? She’s so young. Too young, my buddies would tell me. They’d try to set me up with other girls, but it just wasn’t the same. Kyoko’s parents came from Japan, just like mine, and she knows how a wife is supposed to take care of her man, not like these American girls.

When I signed up the for the reserves, I never really thought I’d get called up. I saw a dozens of guys who had a leg or a hand blown off, so many who never made if home. Kyoko wrote to me a few time, and just thinking about her smooth skin and her smile kept me going. She’s had her time to be “on her own.” I’m back home now—time to pickup where we left off.

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