Cara ~ Legal - Card #2

It’s awful filling out the paperwork and having to talk about the threats that Brian made, about the gun.  But you’re really terrified now, so you do it.  A judge asks you a few questions and gives you a temporary order and tells you that you’ll have a hearing for a year-long order in two weeks.  Brian will be served with a copy of the papers you filled out.

Part of you wants to get out of town…but prom is in a week, graduation in 10 days.  You’ve been looking forward to all of this for so long now!  The judge did tell you that Brian is supposed to stay away from you now.

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Brian’s Thoughts
This guy comes to my place and asks, “Are you Brian White?” He leaves me with these papers and walks away. Someone must be putting Cara up to this. But it’s her handwriting, and it hurts. She’s writing all these lies just to make me look like some kind of psycho.
She’s backing me into a corner. I can’t sand the pain. I’ve tried and tried to reason with her about this. I’ve given her every chance in the world…