Cara ~ Legal - Card #1

“Look, we can’t stay here all night,” one of the police officers tells you.

“But I’m scared of him, and I don’t want to talk to him,” you blurt out.

“Look, sweetheart, he’s just sad about the breakup.  I’ve seen this a million times.” The officer leave the room to talk with Brian and returns a few minutes later.

“I spoke with Brian.  He’s upset about you breaking up with him, but he said he isn’t going to hurt himself.  And he told me that if you’ll just talk to him he’ll go away and not bother you again.”

“I…I…I don’t want to talk to him,” you stutter. 

“Are you sure?  Because I kind of hinted that you’d talk to him and that calmed him down real good.  Just think about it.”

The officers leave the room.

An hour passes.  Then two.  Now another officer asks you to talk with Brian.  They tell you that they need you to help.

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