Ashley ~ Medical - Card #1

“I think I ate something bad or maybe it’s one of those 24 hour things,” you explain.

Mrs. Williams runs down a list of questions without even looking at you.



“Huh.” She glances at you.  “Frequent urination?”


“Breast tenderness?”

Isn’t that a little personal?  “Breast tenderness?” she repeats in the same bored tone, just this time a little louder.


“Sexual intercourse within the past month?”

You blush and feel your throat close.

Mrs. Williams finally looks up.  “You girls are all the same.  You go and have sex without protection and then you’re just shocked when you end up pregnant.”

Praying you don’t run into anyone you know, you go to the drugstore and buy a test.  God answers your prayer and the clerk scans it without even looking at you.  Then you pray even harder when you take the test.  This prayer, God doesn’t answer.  You’re pregnant.

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