Ashley ~ Medical - Card #2

The next morning, Jimmy drives you to a doctor’s office instead of school.  The nurse asks you a lot of questions, and you wish Jimmy wasn’t there.  But he made the appointment and you are afraid to ask him to leave.

“Age of first menses?”


“That’s your period, babe.”


“Date of last period?”

You pause to think.

Jimmy replies, “April 13th.  A Thursday.”

“How – “

“I did my homework,” he says, smiling.

“This dad’s a real keeper,” the nurse says.  “Mostly with the young ones like you the dad is MIA.  You’re a lucky lady.”

It’s still early when you leave the clinic.  Jimmy wants to take you back to his house.

If you agree, go to: TOGETHER - Card #5

If you ask him to drop you at school, go to: SCHOOL - Card #5