Ashley ~ School - Card #1

You try to do your trig homework, but it’s so hard to focus!  You keep thinking about Jimmy when *ding*…he’s texted you!

Jimmy: What r u doing?

You: Math hw. Ugh.

Jimmy: Come c me now

You: My mom would kill me!

Jimmy: Come out l8er. Need 2 c ur eyes in moonlite. Baby I luv u…please…

If you sneak out to see him, go to: TOGETHER - Card #2

If you tell him you can’t, you need to finish your homework, go to: SCHOOL - Card #2

Jimmy’s Thoughts
I know she likes me, but I want something more. I don't want to be her high school boyfriend, I want to be… her man. Yeah, part of it’s about sex—the college girls were just easy enough to do it if you bought them enough booze. But there’s something else with Ashley. I just feel so darn empty when I’m not with her.