Ashley ~ School - Card #2

Jimmy is waiting for you after school.  “It’s been so long, I thought I’d die if I didn’t see you.”  You tell Chelsea and Joanna that you can’t hang out with them this afternoon.

Jimmy drives you to the big park on the other side of town.  You walk hand in hand along a beautiful trail. “This is my favorite spot,” he says a couple of miles in.  He spreads a blanket out.  No one else is around.  He’s brought a whole romantic picnic!  Champagne, strawberries, chocolate.  You don’t drink, but you don’t want to ruin the mood.  Everything starts to feel…strange.  Soon you’re making out and Jimmy moves to undo your jeans.

“Please, no…”

“You’ll like it.  I promise.”

It’s all happening so fast.  “But…what about protection?” you ask.

“We don’t need that. I’ll always take care of you…”

“No, I’m serious.” You try to get up.

“I’ll pull out.  I promise.  I promise.”

You want it to stop, but he did so much to make the day special.  And you wonder if it means you said yes since you asked for condoms.

It hurts.

Afterward, you ask Jimmy to take you home. Go to: FAMILY - Card #2

Jimmy’s Thoughts
I texted Brad and Charlie as soon as I got home, and their trash talking didn’t even bother me this time. Even though I knew it hurt her, it just felt so good. Not just the sex but it was like, This is mine. And I know I can take good care of her…