Ashley ~ School - Card #5

“Can you drop me at school?” you ask Jimmy.

“Why, Ash?” He doesn’t look at you. “What’s the point? Just get your GED – it’s not like you’re going to graduate next year, anyway.  Plus, if you go to work before you get too big, we can save up for our own place.”

“Jimmy, I want to finish school.”

“I said no.  Look, Ash, you can’t be selfish anymore.  You have to think about what’s best for all of us – for the baby, for me.”

You drop the subject, but later that day you sneak your cell into the bathroom and call Aunt Clara.  You ask her to pick you up the next morning at school.

You tell Jimmy that you have to go to school to officially withdraw.  He says he’ll pick you up at lunch.

Aunt Clara is waiting for you at school.  You run to her car and get in.  Who knows what the future holds for you, but you’re already feeling better.  Aunt Clara gets on the freeway, driving east.  It’s a beautiful day.

This part of Ashley’s story ends here.

Consider these questions:

What do you think will happen to Ashley and her baby?

How could anyone have helped Ashley and/or Jimmy?