Cara ~ School - Card #1

You’ve been having these crazy thoughts, like Brian’s following you.  Sure, he’s upset, but it’s not like he’s some psycho stalker…

You feel kind of dumb, but you find yourself going to school a different way, a way he doesn’t know.  When you look across 12th Avenue, you see a car that look like Brian’s driving slowly down the street.  It couldn’t be… You quicken your pace and go in the back entrance to the high school.

You want to talk to your mom. Go to: FAMILY - Card #1

Brian’s Thoughts
She wants “space,” but what about me? I didn’t ask for this. It’s like I can’t even breathe without her.
Still not sleeping at night. She is messing me up. I can’t move on, I won’t move on. No other girls do it for me… never will…