Derek ~ School - Card #4

You’re not even sure what Charlene wanted, but hopefully you can just talk to her about it tomorrow.  It’s midnight.  You’re almost through with your homework when Gran knocks on your door.

“Phone,” she says sleepily.

It’s Charlene.

“Char, didn’t I tell you know to call my home phone after 9?  My Gran wakes up at 5 am to go to work and—”

“If you answered any of my texts I wouldn’t have to call your home line!  Why didn’t you answer any of my texts?”

“I left my bag on the porch and I didn’t notice until—”

“Yeah, you didn’t notice.  I’ve been crying all afternoon and you didn’t even notice.  You don’t even care.”

“No, that’s not true.  I care.”

“But you didn’t notice.”

“No, yes – I mean – “

“Make it up to me.  I need to be with you.  I’m coming over.”

If you tell Charlene to come over go to: TOGETHER - Card #2

If you tell her you’ll see her tomorrow because you can’t have company, go to: FAMILY - Card #2

Charlene’s Thoughts
My mother just went off on me this afternoon, and then my dad gets home and he’s like, “Why do you make her so upset?” I try to explain it to him, but of course he’s already in his study with the door closed, and all I want is to talk to somebody. Isn’t that what a damn boyfriend is for? But Derek’s fallen off the face of the earth. I don’t think he was even thinking about me tonight at all.