Elena ~ School - Card #1

As you walk toward your first-period class you pass Kelsey and her friends. “There’s the slut,” Kelsey says. “She’s so ugly, she really shouldn't be posing without her clothes like that.”

Your face feels hot and you run into the girls’ bathroom. You hide in there for 20 minutes and then go to your English class. At the end of class
your teacher is about to give you a lecture for being late, when you burst into tears.

“What’s wrong, Elena?” your teacher asks.

“I have… some… problems,” you blurt out.

“Maybe you should talk to Ms. Blum, the guidance counselor. Here’s a pass to the Counseling Center.”

If you want to go talk to the guidance counselor, go to: SCHOOL - Card #2

If you want to try to handle things on your own, go to: TOGETHER - Card #9