Ashley ~ Together - Card #1

Jimmy’s parents are at work and he asked you to cut school and watch a movie with him in his room.  At first you didn’t want to, but then he asked what you really learned at school and you had to admit, not much.

Jimmy has lit all these candles – like 50 of them!  It is sooooo beautiful and sweet! Soon you’re kissing and it feels so good.  Then Jimmy takes off your shirt and it’s thrilling and scary  at the same time.  Then his fingers are on the top button of your jeans.  “No,” you murmur, pushing his hand away.

“C’mon baby…” he says.


“You’ll like it, I promise…”

Then your phone rings and you jump up to get it.  It’s your mom.  You throw your shirt back on.  “Tease,” he whispers.  You’re not really sure what to say so you tell him you need to get home, and Jimmy says, “Fine, as long as I get to see you tomorrow…”

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Jimmy’s Thoughts
I knew I shouldn’t have told Charlie and Brad about Ashley. I knew they wouldn’t understand. They keep telling me:
Send pix, dude!
Think she could handle 2 guys at once?