Ashley ~ Together - Card #3

Jimmy looks surprised and happy to see you at his house in the middle of the afternoon.  But he can tell you’re upset and he gives you a big hug.  “What’s the matter?”

You burst into tears and tell him the news.

“But that’s great news!” he says.

You just look at him.  

“Now we’ll be together forever.  We can move away from here and you can raise our beautiful baby.  I’ll get a job and – “

“My family is going to kill me!”

He hugs you again. “Baby, I’m your family now.  Don’t worry about them.”

Jimmy seems so excited, but you still feel like your life is over…

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Jimmy’s Thoughts
Ash is going to look so cute with a big fat belly. With my baby inside. It’s forever now. She’s gonna need to leave school, and we’ll get our own place… Oh my God… she’s having my baby… my baby’s having my baby. :)