Cara ~ Together - Card #4

You take a big breath and try to relax.

“Did you get my email?” you ask.

“Yeah, but I think we just need to talk about it.  I know we can work it out, I’ve – “

“Brian, I sent you the email because you didn’t let me do this in person…please understand.”

He looks at you with glassy eyes and his face is turning red.  Tears are rolling down his cheeks.  You’ve never seen him like this before.  

“Brian, it’s OK.” You pat his shoulder awkwardly.

“It’s not.  Without you, I’m nothing.  I have thoughts…thoughts about ending it all.”

“Brian, that’s crazy.  You’re an amazing person. Really.  Please believe me.”

Brian looks up quickly and stares you straight in the eye. “If I’m so amazing, then why are you dumping me?”

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Brian’s Thoughts
Cold. She’s so cold. Taking my heart and then destroying it with “You're such a nice guy, but…”
To hell with her! She’s making me lose it: I don’t cry, I am not a little baby. She can’t do this to me.
She sees I’m in so much damn pain, and she’s like, “OK, bye. It’s been nice.” Like I'm dead to her.