Derek ~ Together - Card #4

You tell Charlene you need to talk and she pick you up driving her brand new Mustang.

You figure she can’t go off on you too much while she’s driving, so you say, “Charlene, I need to stop seeing you.”

“Oh, HELL no.  You are NOT breaking up with me.” Charlene is speeding down the road shaking her head.

“I just think it’ll be better for both of us…I can’t make you happy, and – “

“Who is she?” She is driving really crazy now and you are starting to get a little nervous.

“No, it’s not like that.  I promise.”

“It’s always like that.”  She grabs your cell phone and starts looking through your call history while she’s driving.

“Anna.  Who is Anna?”

“She’s nobody.  Can you please just keep your eyes on the road or pull over?”

Charlene pulls over and yells at you to get out.  You have no idea where you are.  You get out and Charlene drives off.

If you call Charlene and ask her to come pick you up, go to: TOGETHER - Card #5

If you hitch a ride back home, go to: SCHOOL - Card #6

Charlene’s Thoughts
I cannot believe this. What is going on? Who does he think he is? He cannot do this to me.