Elena ~ Together - Card #1

After you prepare dinner for your family, you call your mom on her cell. “I have to go work for a few hours. They need me,” you lie. “Eat dinner without me—it’s all ready.”

Your mother works at a retirement home and has been reprimanded for talking on her cell at work, so she doesn’t have a lot of time to question you. “Mija, you have to work today?” she asks.

“We’ll spend the whole day together tomorrow, I promise,” you say and hurry off the phone.

When you get to Ian’s, you’re in a terrible mood. He moves in on you while you’re watching TV. When you don’t respond, he says, “What’s up with you? Is it your time of month or something?”

If you want to tell him about your father, go to: TOGETHER - Card #2

If you want to leave and return home, go to: FAMILY - Card #3

Ian’s Thoughts
I thought it would be fun to have Elaine over. But she was all serious and pissy. What’s her problem? Can’t she just relax? She knows I need to chill out.