Elena ~ Together - Card #3

You cough a lot and feel strange, but you pretend it makes you feel better. Then you start to cry. Ian pats you awkwardly on the back. “We need to get out of here,” he declares. “You need to lighten up. Let’s go to the movies.”

“I don’t really feel like—”

“You’ll see, it’ll make you feel better.”

But when you arrive at the theater, Ian clenches his jaw. This was a stupid idea. Let’s get out of here.”

With a firm hand on your back, he steers you around the corner.

“Did you see Kelsey?” you ask, knowing he did.

“No, what are you talking about?”

“Are you… ashamed to be seen with me?”

“No… of course not. I just don’t want to see any of those dumb movies.”

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Ian’s Thoughts
Why does this always happen to me? I mean, what are the chances that I would see Kelsey? I don’t want her to see me with Elaine. Why does Elaine make everything so difficult?