Elena ~ Together - Card #9

You confront Ian after school. “Ian, why? Why did you send that picture out? I’m so ashamed. How could you do this to me?”

“Lighten up, Elaine. Everyone’s doing it. And you look great, especially without your glasses on.”

You burst into tears.

“Don’t pull that crying stuff on me, Elaine. Sorry, but it’s no big deal.”

“Then why did Kelsey call me… a slut?”

“She did? Really? What else did she say?”

You look up at him. He’s practically panting to hear what else you would say about Kelsey. Something inside you clicks. “How could you do this to me, Ian? I loved you and you—”

“Hey, calm down, babe. I told you it’s no big deal. We good?”

“No. We’re not good, Ian?” You walk away.

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Ian’s Thoughts
Wow, Elaine sure didn’t think that was funny. But I got Kelsey’s attention. Like my dad always says, “Be in charge and don’t let any girl mess with you. The ends justify the means.”