Kyoko ~ Together - Card #1

Maybe if you get a chance to talk with George, he’ll realize that you’re serious about not wanting to get back together. It’s a warm night and you walk toward the park.

“What if you really had been pregnant that time?” George asks. “How old would our baby be now?”

“George… please.” You don’t want to relive all of that worry, the times you begged George to use protection. In the end, it was your fear of getting pregnant that gave you the courage to break it off with him.

“I’ll never stop loving you, Kyoko.”

You tell George that you need to get home. He gives you a kiss on the lips before you can turn away. You hurry away from him.

If you want to go home, go to: HOME - Card #2

If you want to call Meera, go to: CELL PHONE - Card #1

George’s Thoughts
Kyoko is still on this independence kick. If I’d gotten her pregnant, we’d never even be having this conversation—we’d have gotten married. How much longer until she realizes that we are meant for each other? At least I know her parents are on my side.