Kyoko ~ Together - Card #2

“George, today’s not a good day. I need to work on some art show applications during lunch.”

Your father walks in.

“Dr. Watanabe, what a pleasure,” George says. “I brought Kyoko her lunch and invited her out for a few minutes of fresh air, but you know our little girl… too busy for a relaxation.”

“Kyoko, don’t worry about the phones.”

“Dad, today’s not a good day…” You give him a pleading look.

“Well,” your father says, looking confused, “whatever you need to do, sweetheart.”

“Thanks again, George. Have a good day,” you say, and pray he’ll leave.

After a couple of awkward seconds, George  says, “Well, I guess I’ll get going then.” He grabs your wrist and squeezes, hard. “But I’m sure you’ll be able to make some time for me later, right Kyo-chan?

You look down and he released your wrist and leaves.

The scene leaves you completely shaken. You decide to meet Meera and her friends after work at the film festival on campus.

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George’s Thoughts
God, where is this coming from? I can’t believe how ungrateful she is. She is acting like I don’t matter at all anymore. She’s lost her mind if she things I’m going to walk away from the last four years. Is she seeing someone else? I want to meet the idiot who thinks he’s going to steal my girl away from me.