Kyoko ~ Together - Card #6

George calls you repeatedly on your cell, leaving you messages about how your family might be “interested to know what he’s found out about our little Kyoko.” The messages scare you, and you  finally answer his call.

He calls you terrible names and rants fro about 20 minutes. Finally, he calms down and says, “Although, if we were a couple, your secret would be safe with me. I’d plead the fifth, right, babe?” You’re so stunned and at a loss for words that you just hang up the phone.

If you want to tell your parents what’s going on, go toFAMILY - Card #3

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George’s Thoughts
Someone need to set her straight and let her know that what she’s doing is disgusting. Kyoko’s no lesbian. She is just so confused. She’s really testing my patients, but we’ll get this figured out. We are soul mates—we are going to end up together.