Sam ~ Together - Card #1

Roxanna won’t tell you where she’s taking you, just that it’s a surprise and that it will blow your mind. As usual, she’s right. She uses fake IDs to get both of you into Lipsticks—they’re hosting a drag king show! And not only that, but Linda is up there singing “My Way.” Quiet Linda, who you’ve only seen sitting at her kitchen table, studying for her nursing classes.

You imagine your father yelling “freak show,” but to you it’s creative and fabulous and so much fun. You finally fell like you belong.
At 9:30 you tell Roxanna that you need to go home.

“Sam, you can’t go yet. I want to introduce you around after the show.”

“I can’t—it’s late. I’ll get in trouble”

“But I told everyone that you’d be here. Don’t be a baby.” 

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If you want to stay out, go to: HANGING OUT - Card #1

Roxanna’s Thoughts
Sam wanted to go just when the night started to kick in. And then my ex, Joan, walked in. I really want her to see me with my cutie. Sam’s always worried about her parents or school—she needs to grow up. She worries about them more that about me… it’s like I’m last on her priority list.